larry, moe, & curly

One afternoon recently as bookbabie went to retrieve a package from the front porch (a book order no doubt) she saw a bird fly out of a wreath on the door. Lo and behold, the little birdy had built a sturdy nest in the wreath and lain four tiny blue eggs in it all without detection, Mr. & Mrs. bookbabie are obviously either blind or totally unobservant (maybe both). Those are my winter wreaths as you can see, the nest is tucked securely behind a sparkling white snowflake. All four eggs hatched but one baby died and was tossed out by mom (and left dangling on a bit of wreath until Mr. bookbabie came home and gently removed it). I tried to get a photo of them when they were awake but they sleep an awful lot and I don’t want to bug them too much and stress out mom. I’ll post updated photos and reports once a week until they fly the coop!

5 thoughts on “larry, moe, & curly

  1. That’s pretty cool. i love it when we get the opportunity to see life happen like this right before our eyes. Blue eggs? Wonder if they are robins. Keep updates!

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