the pick up


Time for another Clooney vs. Pitt poll. First we have Mr. C. looking rather dashing casually perched on the bed of a lucky pick-up truck (photo courtesy of The Clooney Project) and on the right we find poor Mr. Pitt, looking a bit worse for wear since his marriage to Angie. So…which fella would you like to see pull up to the curb in a shiny black truck to pick you up????????????????????????

11 thoughts on “the pick up

  1. Ouch. They both look like they have a few miles on them. Father time is merciless. I wouldn’t complain about being either though.

  2. I will always go with Brad anytime/anywhere, however GC will do if Brad is not around. I also loved the YouTube video. I’ve sent it out to dozens of friends who will appreciate it as well. Keep me on your mailing list! Take care,

  3. Again I agree. Clooney of course. Brad is a little bit to plastic, and not looking very bright and shiney either. As a truck girl, pick-ups are cool, and silly boys trucks are for girls!!!

  4. Clooney. I have adored him since he was the foreman at the factory on the RoseAnn Show…wait…maybe it was that earlier bit part on Facts of Life…either way there is no real contest here –

    Besides, Brads a cheater.

  5. Hi Lilli, It’s hands down for Clooney! WOW! Enjoyed looking through your blog.

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