books to movies


Whenever a book my book club has read is made into a movie we say we should all go see it together, but we never do. Let’s face it, it is rare for a movie adaption of a book to compare favorably to a well written novel. It’s like me taking a bite of gluten-free pizza and expecting it to be as good as the real thing, it’s just not going to happen (and I’m probably better off not even bothering). The Mid-Continent Public Library has a nice list of books-to-movies and two new ones are opening this month. Next with Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore opens April 27th and is based on Philip K. Dick’s The Golden Man, and The Hoax starring Richard Gere and adapted from the book by Clifford Irving opens on April 20th.

By the way, click on the star if you want to make your own Walk of Fame star. I Photoshopped mine afterwards to spruce it up! (Less bright, more contrast…)