artful thursday

Time to power up that inner artist! I made this line drawing of an angel on a cool website called the SCRIBBLER. You hold down the left mouse button and make a simple line drawing, and when you’re done the SCRIBBLER takes over and creates a masterpiece. If you love what you make and want to save it to your computer it’s a little tricky, but if bookbabie can do it, anyone can! I followed their directions and pasted the entire page capture on a blank page in my photo program, then cropped out what I didn’t want, and ta da, a lovely line angel!

4 thoughts on “artful thursday

    • YES! to all of this. your wife’s images are very prvtocaoive. my only regret is that when I click on the image, I can’t get a closer look (which hampers my ability to comment as I would like to). i want a closer look.

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