wednesday illusions

One travels to escape from it all, but that is the great illusion: It cannot be done, since one travels with one’s mind. ~Ella Maillart

That quotation may be true, but the truth is, that far away sun drenched beach sure looks good to me right now!

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15 thoughts on “wednesday illusions

  1. It was funny to see the snow on your blog drifting down over that tropical paradise! I could take a little respite there, too.

  2. yes..I think we will all welcome the Summer after such a bitterly cold winter this year. Well the nights will be already be getting lighter…very slowly …and so really we are already on our way ! I think its lovely to have the extreme variations of the seasons, and all the beautiful things that are associated with each one.

  3. I hear you! I haven’t traveled much recently because we have a 2-year-old, and I do remember that traveling even without him could be tricky, but, but…oh, to be somewhere that lovely right now!

  4. Here I am –dreaming of SNOW (which we never get)—and you show me pictures of a great beach…. Oh My Goodness…. If I can’t get the snow, guess I’ll take the beach… SO–I’m ready to go!!!!!

    Happy New Year.

  5. Oh I could so do with being there for a while ~ providing I could leave my new year worries behind me.
    Happy New Year!

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