chi charmer

Still recovering from a busy week and hosting the Thanksgiving feast. My sister and her family stayed with us this week and brought their chihuahua Lola all the way from Carlsbad, California. It was great to see everyone and fun to have a dog in the house again. One afternoon while everyone was out and I was home doggie sitting, I decided to see if Lola would model for me. I took my time coaxing her into the spare bedroom I use as a studio. I let her sniff the room thoroughly, showed her my camera and fired off several shots so she could hear the sounds and see the flash, and then I held her on my lap for a few minutes before putting her on the white table top. It took a couple of minutes of petting and talking to her before she sat down, relaxed, and began striking a pose!

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does. ~Christopher Morley

22 thoughts on “chi charmer

  1. Lola looks as though she enjoyed the whole exercise. I’m sure she appreciated all the special attention 🙂
    I love your header – baby’s eyes – gorgeous!

  2. Lola is obviously a natural. Also, she has a great wardrobe…
    PS I notice you’re reading HOME – do you like it? I read GILEAD and thought it was great.

  3. Look at that face! What a little pumpkin! She was good on the plane ride home, no one even noticed we were traveling with a dog!

  4. Cute. I just marvel at how you got the outfit on the model though ~ if I tried that with my two cats I’d need a whole tin of elastoplast! LOL!

    • Lola likes her sweaters, although if it’s not one of her favorites she takes it off at night while everyone is asleep, they’ve never seen how she does it!

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