16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    • Gabriel – Hello Kim and David WalkerYour pictures are aowmese! Can I use the one with the bridge and the first one of the geyser for a presentation about water? It has the three states of water in the same picture, which is important for illustration purposes. It’s for an adult education class in Portugal of all places!If you agree you can email just these two pictures to me. Thank youGabriel

  1. These photos don’t even look like photos. They appear to be more window-like than anything. They are really sharp and crisp. You sure have a good eye.

  2. The Tetons are gorgeous… That second picture is interesting—shows some of the ugly with the beauty. We humans can do a good job sometimes making things ugly, can’t we????? BUT–the beauty wins out.

  3. The Tetons are beautiful ~ the old washing machine pic served to remind me of how irresponsible mankind is. Humans can spoil even the most beautiful of places without a second though. What a pity more people are not more sensitive to the beauty of our planet ~ and willing to do their bit to keep it’s natural beauty unblemished.

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