15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. I love the Tetons! They are so beautiful!
    I have to admit that the second photo is my favorite. Your pictures are all so beautiful!
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  2. These photos don’t even look like photos. They appear to be more window-like than anything. They are really sharp and crisp. You sure have a good eye.

  3. The Tetons are gorgeous… That second picture is interesting—shows some of the ugly with the beauty. We humans can do a good job sometimes making things ugly, can’t we????? BUT–the beauty wins out.

  4. The Tetons are beautiful ~ the old washing machine pic served to remind me of how irresponsible mankind is. Humans can spoil even the most beautiful of places without a second though. What a pity more people are not more sensitive to the beauty of our planet ~ and willing to do their bit to keep it’s natural beauty unblemished.

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