skywatch friday

I wandered over to the fishing pond across the street to take a few pictures and two swans were conveniently floating around enjoying the bright sunny day. It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here. I must admit to feeling a little blue today however, it was a year ago this week that we lost our first granddaughter at only five months gestation. Last spring was tough with my mom being so ill and then the baby’s death. Thinking about those days and weeks reminds me that I have so much to be grateful for; that Meagan is pregnant again and doing well, that my mother is no longer suffering and my dad is adjusting as well as can be expected to living alone.

I suppose what they say is true, time heals all wounds. Or perhaps it just puts some much needed space between you and the pain. And in that space, if you are lucky, you may find a little peace. Near the end of one of my books I write …when the earthly lives of my daddy and brother had safely made that transformation from flesh and blood to mist and memory, when the grief had finally settled itself comfortably into the undercurrent of my days and nights, my voice came back to me. I wrote that not long after losing my beloved father-in-law Hank, and I was remembering that shift, that soft gray place where grief slips quietly into the background and we begin again. That is the joy and wonder of spring too, and it is here at long last.

25 thoughts on “skywatch friday

  1. Love the Skywatch picture but ADORE the Easter picture at the back of the station wagon! Hope to run in to you again on the Skywatch trail!!!

  2. Lilli, it’s true, there is a gray place between grief and beginning again. I am so happy that Meagan is doing well. She looks great in all the pics and it will be so exciting when the baby is born!

    BTW…I would love to have a little pond like that across from me. We have green right now but come summer it will be all brown. We have very hot summers here but I guess we’re lucky because our winters are so mild.

  3. Not to be sappy, but the swans could have shown up for you in your blue moment to let you know the baby and your dad are okay 😉
    This is a beautiful shot, full of the promise of spring and new life.

  4. So sorry for all the pain… time will continue to work on all those wounds. Prayers for a blessed pregnancy for your daughter this time. I can’t imagine that kind of loss.

    Beautiful photograph of serenity you have posted.

    • Bman: I went to college (La Tech)to be a pilot(professional avaition). I’d say chase the dream!!! The view from 3000 is phenomenal. The noise and wind inundates you. At my size the Cessna 152 is QUITE small, and very uncomfortable to fly, but as soon as the engine starts to whine, all the discomfort is forgotten. If you have any of the concerns that Jim describes, you still have powered flight options! They’re cheaper and just as fun! Buy and fly an ultralight aircraft!!!FAR 103 covers powered ultralight aircraft. There are no training, physical, or licensing rquirements.(I WOULD NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO EVER ATTEMPT TO FLY ANY AIRCRAFT WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING!!!)You could also look into light sport aircraft which was a change instituted in 2004 by FAA (courtesy of Experimental association). It doesn’t require medical approval, either. Basically, if you can get a driver license, you can get a light sport pilot license.If you dream of powered flight I can promise you’ll never regret it! As an aside (I was at the air space museum (Smithsonian) for the 100th anniversary(exact moment) of powered flight.) It was great. I met descendents of wilbur orville and more importantly Charles Taylor (any other airplane nerds know who he is? don’t cheat by googling). I found out that the wright flyer is original except for the fabric. They cut them up into pieces and gave them as souveniers, and sold some of them to continue funding flight ops.Sadly some raging assholes flew planes into the world trade center and ended my hopes of being a professional pilot, by putting many experienced pilots out of work, thus creating a backlog that’d take years to overcome flying chicken transports out of honduras at 15k a year. I had a few kids by this time (4 of 6) and couldn’t afford the paycut. I was already working as a mechanic for Delta, so I just rode that pony til I ran out of quarters.

  5. I know what it is like to have an anniversary reaction, and I am sorry for your losses. I lost my 18-year-old grandson from a tragic accident. It was not in spring but at the very end of summer almost six years ago. I can even laugh now when I remember the funny things he used to do.

  6. Hey there,

    I like your sky watch shot and I adore your words here: “soft gray place where grief slips quietly into the background and we begin again.”
    What lovely and deep thoughts. Thank you for sharing and thanks for visiting my site. : )

  7. Its funny you wrote that blog this week. Just in the last few days I feel better too, like maybe I can do this. 🙂

  8. We are all but on a progressive path home, those who have gone before us have arrived, we do not sorrow for then, but for our loss of them. Yhey often are still with us, it ia we who are blind to their presence.

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