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Shot this a few minutes ago out my bathroom window, my Bradford Pear tree is budding, getting ready to officially announce spring. It’s sunny and fairly mild today, when it warms up a bit I think I’ll go walk around the yard and look for more signs of spring, maybe cut back some of the plants I didn’t get to last fall. I feel like I’m a little out of balance lately. I think I’m watching too many cable news shows and worrying too much; about the economy, about Meagan and baby Brooklyn, about how my dad is dealing with being alone, about my ginormous Visa bill…etc.  Things that are basically out of my hands (except my darn Visa bill, if only I’d actually kept that card out of my hands in the first place!). Worrying really is just a bad habit, isn’t it? It accomplishes nothing, changes nothing. I remember my mom doing her spring cleaning every year when we were kids, washing walls, wiping away dangling cobwebs, cleaning out closets and moving furniture so she could vacuum up the hidden dust and crumbs that accumulate after a long, dark winter. I feel like I need to that with myself this spring, cut away some of that cluttered old growth and give my spirit a good sprucing up:)

I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which never happened. ~Winston Churchill

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  1. This picture is fabulous. The branches make a beautiful pattern, and the sky is just wonderful behind them.

    I’m taking a seminar about depression right now, and although I don’t think it exactly applies to you, we talked about the same thing for stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that how you think about things is much more important than what actually happens. That can be a sobering thought at times. Loved the Winston Churhill quote.

  2. It is a hopeful sign. My pear looks about the same at this time. I think my mood will be much lifted when things are more alive outside my windows.

    My husband told me just yesterday that there is so much depressing news out there that I should stop listening for a while, because I am getting too worked up over it. I would agree but there is important stuff going on that I cannot ignore. Sigh…it is a vicious cycle.

  3. I know how you feel…. what’s that one saying…
    “fake it till you make it!” Thats what I try to do and usually it works ;o

  4. This photo looks like a painting to me. Great shot for a spur of the moment bathroom window shot. The book you are currently reading looks very interesting indeed. I going to have to check it out. About all the depressing news, I just have quit watching the news and enjoy each day. As far as the spring house cleaning, JUST TO EARLY to think about that. I have been trying to simplify, simplify. Surre makes life a lot more enjoyable.

  5. 103 here this aft. Kids were in the pool. I’ll have to water the grass tomorrow. Tomorrow’s low is forecast to be 48. Just can’t tell what you’ll get day to day in south Texas.

  6. What a gorgeous pic! Your relish of spring’s arrival is the equivalent of my delight in autumn’s… just on the other side of the world. I love this time of year 🙂

  7. fruit trees about-to-blossom…such a wonderful metaphor for anticipation, yes?

    my chest almost hurts with the sight of blooming trees. ours will start budding the middle of next month…

    i love the purity in that sky…sooo clear and so blue, as though the snows of winter have washed it clean.

  8. Hi Lilli, Your Bradford Pear will be gorgeous once it blooms. Ours have been SO pretty here in TN–but are mostly gone (or going) now.

    We watch Fox News almost constantly–and the economy does make me depressed. Sometimes we just have to get away from the TV –and get out in nature.

    Luckily, we have NO credit card bills–but our retirement monies are tied up in the market..SO–we may lose ALOT of our paycheck beginning soon.. Scary as heck to two retirees.

    Why don’t you get out, find a park and take a nice, long hike.. Turn off the TV!!!!!


  9. Lovely photo, love the buds that in sharp focus. By the way, thanks for stopping by my photo blog!

    And I hear ya on the Visa bill… UGH!!

  10. it would be so easy to go balistic about the govt and what’s going on in the economy right now, wouldn’t it… and yet, there is the spring post–life evolving… knowledge of the coming into life and going out is making me really consider what i choose to attend with my attention… wars and economic disasters are seemingly deep in history, so i breathe a bit more and listen to the birds a bit more, and then think too, damn why shouldn’t you give that Visa bill to the govt for a bailout, if you were wealthy you would have an excuse… 🙂

    happy spring, You deserve it!

  11. Lovely photo to celebrate the change of seasons. Thanks for sharing with Sky Watch Friday and thanks for your kind comments on my post earlier.

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