(almost) wordless wednesday

I was playing around with my camera and lighting yesterday. For most of the shots of this still life I kept the sunlight and the shadow of the blinds away from the table, but as it turns out, this one with the shadow is my favorite. Maybe I should drag out my paints and attempt to paint it?

I have discovered that the unasked-for accident can be the salvation of what you are doing. ~ Stephen De Staebler

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14 thoughts on “(almost) wordless wednesday

  1. I just love your photo and am loving all these flower pics. You do a great job w/lighting, the hardest (and probably most important) thing for me.
    That’s why I take most of my photos outside, lol.

    • I loved sleeping with and cdnluidg my children. My husband hated it. They learned to wait until he was asleep then creep in and crawl in on my side of the bed. He did finally make a concession and agree to buying a king sized bed when I had one on one side of me and one on the other. It is such a special time of hugs and loves without having to worry about what is not getting done.

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