(almost) wordless wednesday

I was playing around with my camera and lighting yesterday. For most of the shots of this still life I kept the sunlight and the shadow of the blinds away from the table, but as it turns out, this one with the shadow is my favorite. Maybe I should drag out my paints and attempt to paint it?

I have discovered that the unasked-for accident can be the salvation of what you are doing. ~ Stephen De Staebler

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13 thoughts on “(almost) wordless wednesday

  1. I agree with you. The lines across the vase are especially nice. I hope you do paint it, I’d love to see those colors!

  2. I just love your photo and am loving all these flower pics. You do a great job w/lighting, the hardest (and probably most important) thing for me.
    That’s why I take most of my photos outside, lol.

  3. If you can paint, I think you should do it! I wish I could paint but I haven’t a particle of talent in that direction. I think it would make a beautiful still life.

    Happy Wednesday,
    Tink *~*~*

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  4. Your photos on your blog are wonderfully beautiful.
    Terrific photographer you!
    Thanks for coming to my blog today. Do come again.

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