(almost) wordless thursday

I was going to post for Wordless Wednesday and then I realized it was Thursday. It’s been one of those weeks. Took my mom to the hospital yesterday. She had a spill over the weekend and used her head to break the fall, looks like someone hit her in the forehead with a baseball bat! Her head is actually the least of her problems though, so we’re hoping they can straighten a few issues out and make her more comfortable before they ship her back home. Anyhoo, that’s one on my latest iStock photos, my lovely daughter Lizzi volunteered to model for some “spa” pictures 🙂

8 thoughts on “(almost) wordless thursday

  1. Sorry your mom is having problems. I know how taxing and troubling it can be when there is so little we can do for them. I am inspired to find the nearest spa with a hot stone treatment and put myself on the appointment list. Have a great weekend. Pappy

  2. I’m sorry about your mom. Ouch. I hope the folks at the hospital do all you and your mom need them to do, and more.

    Pretty picture. 🙂

  3. Hope you and mom are doing okay. I’ve struggled with care for family this summer – it can be a real time cruncher and soul cruncher, too.

    This is a great spa shot. I should get inspired like Dennis, my back is crying for a hot stone treatment. 🙂

  4. Your poor mum, falling is such a shock to the system and to fall on her on her face, ouch bloody ouch. Hope she’s feeling better soon.
    Your istock photos are great, the newspaper headings is a brilliant idea, and I particularly loved the pear with the measuring tape.
    Lovely Lizzy is gorgeous, the shell pink nails are a perfect touch, the whole photo is perfect, clean and pure , with a touch of innocence.

  5. love light healing to your mom; bless her heart, as they say in the south here, those bruises sound awful.
    The photo is wonderful! It makes me think a shot of grandmother mother daughter would be stunning too (after the healing of course).

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