bookbabie’s big give

My first book giveaway was so much fun. I literally put all your names in a hat and made Mr. bookbabie close his eyes and reach in to pick the winner. Now I understand why Oprah likes to give stuff away! I know, it’s just one little book, not anywhere near the same level of generosity as Ms. Winfrey, but hey, giving is giving and my only regret is that all of you who entered can’t win the copy of Sophie Kinsella’s newest book, Remember Me? And so without further ado, the winner of the first ever bookbabie book giveaway is…Beth, congratulations Beth! I think I’ll keep my eye on the NY Times Bestseller list and do another giveaway this summer, hmm, maybe a good old fashioned murder mystery to take to the beach:)

13 thoughts on “bookbabie’s big give

  1. I’m so honored and can’t wait to read the book. I’ve got a long plane flight to Chile coming up in a couple of weeks–Remember Me will be my traveling companion.

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  2. It’s a great plane book Beth. Hey Dennis, my husband was hoping he’d pick you;) even though it is kind of a chick book. I’ll be sure to pick something that will work for chicks and handsome Texas cowboys this summer!

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  4. Thanks for starting this wonderful idea of sharing! I just finished the book and have passed it onto another fellow blogger. Beth put all of our blog addresses in the front of the book, and I included the following note:
    Congratulations! You are the proud recipient of a well traveled book from a line of bloggers. You have been selected to read the book and pass it on to another fellow blogger. Once you have finished reading the book, please post a blog about it, including links back to the previous readers. Also, please post a comment on the previous readers blogs so that they can see how far the book has traveled!

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