let it snow

How did we spend our Easter weekend? Why shoveling the driveway of course. That’s my backyard, not last month, this morning! We had family over Friday night for an early holiday dinner and that’s what they had to contend with getting here, 8 inches of snow and rush hour traffic. We are nothing else if not stubborn here in Michigan and they came anyway. When my sister-in-law from Louisville was getting her son Evan’s winter coat out for the trip he complained, “No, it’s spring!” And she answered, “Not in Michigan!” Little did they know what was really in store for them. Joann was just considering the cold, she left their boots at home and the kids ended up trudging through the snow in their tennis shoes last night.

It was good to see everyone, although my mom wasn’t up to coming and that bummed us out. Like most moms she is the Queen Bee of our family and we missed her terribly last night. I would take all the bad weather Michigan can dish out and never complain again if I could just have my mom healthy again. Joann’s sister Jackie is also very sick and has been in our thoughts and prayers lately. So come to think of it, who cares about the stupid weather. From now on each time I start to whine about the weather I’m going to stop myself, dig up something to add to my “blessing list”, and say a prayer for family members who are dealing with serious illness right now.

Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year.
~Franklin Pierce Adams

7 thoughts on “let it snow

  1. this is really beautiful. snow is so gracefully, pure… an easter lilly of sorts, no?

    i was going to brag i was sitting outside in sandles and a sleeveless shirt, indulging like a flower bulb… peace and health to you and your family.
    Easter blessings all year.

  2. My backyard looks somewhat similar in terms of the white stuff.

    I like the way you ended this post. It’s a good reminder as I also have family members who are dealing with serious illness. No more whining. πŸ™‚

  3. Good thoughts. (easy enough foor me to say from here in California where the birds are singing and the lilac in my backyard is budding–)

  4. Hi, I got this link through the comment you left me and may i say, brrrr it looks *so* cold in your neck of the woods. Out here, in Phoenix, it’s warm and sunny although you probably don’t need to hear that! πŸ™‚

    I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she feels better soon.

    happy easter.

  5. The photo is very soothing to me. Am not convinced we’re done with snow here in new england. Thanks for leaving an encouraging comment on my blog.

  6. we had heavy snow on saturday…but it melted by that evening.

    i love the snow…it purifies…cleanses.

    my husband and i used to take our wool blankets out in the middle of winter (back when winters were still actually cold)…right after a fresh snow fall, we’d lay the blankets on the snow…and then sprinkle snow on top. we’d leave them out there for about an hour, and then come back and shake them vigorously. cleaned them right up – no shrinking!

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