i dream of pizza

So it was one of those good-news/bad-news moments when I found out that I would feel better by not eating food containing gluten. And most of the time I don’t miss all those carbs, mainly because I began to look at them differently. When I see a slice of chocolate birthday cake, a mound of spaghetti, or a basket of hot rolls I see poison. But the one thing I still missed after being wheat-free for many years was pizza. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that I didn’t care, that it was gooey and fattening and no big loss, the truth is, I still longed to bite into a hot cheesy, crusty slice of yummy pizza! Last week, while standing in front of the gluten-free product freezer at my local market, the woman next to me asked if I’d tried the Kinnikinnick Pizza Crusts. She went on (and on and on) telling me how she prepared them and how great they were while I stood there nodding and thinking that she must be totally deluding herself. There was no way they could be as good as the “real” thing, but I threw a bag in my cart and figured I’d give them a try. I made two individual pizzas that night and she was right, they were fabulous! My husband even loved them and he can eat wheat. So thank you gabby grocery store lady, you were right, I was wrong, and now because of you I’m eating pizza again and I’m going to have to ramp-up my meager workouts on the outside chance that winter will eventually end here in Michigan and I’ll have to put on a bathing suit someday (4-8 inches of snow predicted tonight!).

Did you know that when man first began eating wheat it contained only 1-2% gluten, while today’s wheat contains 55% gluten? No wonder more and more people are feeling the effects. If you have chronic digestive problems, skin rashes, or autoimmune health issues, consider talking to your doctor about a screening and perhaps giving the gluten-free diet a try. It’s really not so bad, really, you can even eat pizza:)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for the revies of these pizza crusts. Haven’t tried them yet but next time that eggplant just doesn’t make it for my pizza crust I will try these. Hmmm, are you a Clooney fan? And here I thought he was MY boyfriend!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing that pizza crust…only thing is I’m not sure they carry that here on the east coast of Canada (or in Canada at all). Maybe it can be purchased online…must look into that.

    I have been wanting to try a gluten-free diet for a while now, as food allergies tend to run in my family. I know I always feel *miserable* after I eat anything with a lot of gluten (esp. pasta or anything made with white flour) – even though I love it all! (Pizza is also my fave by the way!)

    Is there a good gluten-free diet or website that you’d recommend?

  3. Man, I don’t know if I could go gluten-free. I am addicted to carbs, that’s why I have to run so much so I don’t look like it! 🙂

  4. I have a few links on my blogroll Bev that are pretty good GF sites. I’m guessing you can get the crusts online if you google them, you can get just about anything online these days! You should give the diet a try, it really isn’t bad. I cook totally GF at home and my husband (the normal one) is always saying you can eat just fine without gluten.

  5. Im a lot happier without gluten.. but the smell right at this moment is wafting through the house… darn breadmaker and handy husband… WILL I resist….
    sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… maybe i will see if those pizza crusts are up here! Thanks!

  6. I should look into this. I’ve suffered IBS on and off for a number of years now and maybe that would help me.

  7. I can stomach Kinnikinnick, but I have found a local bakery that sells a variety of gluten free baked goods. They keep pizza crusts in their freezer and they are fabulous! They sell a lot of products on their website (http://www.hobbsnutrition.com) but I don’t believe they ship frozen foods.

    Here’s what makes any gluten free crust better: broil it for a few minutes after you’ve baked it for the required time. It’s a trick I’ve picked up from pizza places and it is yummy!

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