Okay, I should be paying bills right now but for the past week I’ve been indulging my spirit and my spirit seems to want to create angel photos. I did this one of a little boy angel but I can’t think of a name for him. If you have any bolts of inspiration as you look into his gorgeous blue eyes, please leave me a comment so I’ll know what to call him. I had two of my other angel photos put on canvas recently by uploading them to Canvas on Demand. They came out great and I highly recommend the company. You can choose to have your photos given a light painterly look, which I did with both and they really do look like oil paintings. Very cool! I suppose I should log off now and go pay those bills, unfortunately feeding my spirit will not keep the bill collectors at bay or the lights on πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “andrew

  1. I love these pictures – wish I could help you out with a great name but those eyes are as blue as my husbands so the only name that comes to my mind is his..Dana. Everytime he winces at the sound of his name I tease him that I’m sure that name alone is what made him become the rough old biker that he is…ha!

  2. Ah yes – an Andrew – perfect. This little angel has a twinkle of mischief in those beautiful eyes – that fits my Andrew . I managed to make myself paint last night and was shocked at how rusty I was (shame on me). I am really intriqued with your photo manipulations. I tried to research it a little last night but it was all greek to me – ha!

  3. I’m back. I think he looks like a no nonsense type of little fellow. How about Joe? Of course then he’d have the whole Joseph thing to fall back on.

  4. Joesph is good too. We have good friend named Joe, it might score a few points with him. Maybe he’d even buy the wine next time we go out for dinner! But then my son Andrew might get mad at me for making the switch and I suppose your children should come before a free glass of wine;)

  5. I love these angels that you have made! I would vote for the name Patrick because he is my blue-eyed angel boy. πŸ˜‰

    I absolutely love your blog! I haven’t read anything as insightful and inspirational for a long time.

    Thank you for finding me, and I will be adding you to my blogroll so I can read all the time! (if this is ok, of course!)

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