bake a book

When I’m not working on my iStock portfolio, I’ve been tinkering with book number three. It’s good to set a novel aside during the writing process, let it set up a bit, and then read through it with fresh eyes. Writing is sort of like baking bread, you work hard at it in the beginning and about the time you ask yourself why am I doing this when I could just run up to Kroger and buy a loaf of freakin’ Wonder Bread? you get to set it aside and let it rise on it’s own. I still have a ways to go with new chapters needed to bring it to a proper conclusion, but right now I’m enjoying punching down those chapters I already have and kneading them into shape.

Maxine stared a weathered redwood trellis on the other side of the terrace. It was draped in twining morning glory vines. When she first sat down the green vines were covered with open bell shaped flowers, hundreds of starry blue faces turned toward the cool morning sun: but now the flowers had begun to curl, to fold in on themselves so quickly that she could almost watch it happening.