We are going to have our dog put to sleep this afternoon. She’s almost sixteen and has the typical list of older dog health problems: blindness, deafness, trouble walking because of painful arthritic hips, badly infected gums, potty issues, and now she’s afraid to be left alone for any length of time. My husband and I keep reciting that list to each other, hoping I suppose that it will make it okay, make it easier. But it’s not working. We feel like shit.

2 thoughts on “nikki

  1. Dear BB and Mr BB,

    That stinks! I am very sorry to hear this news. Nikki is the sweetest little dog and I just fell in love with her in the few short days you were in CA. She is such good company and the most excited little bundle of love….she exudes it. I know you will miss her. Please know that you have my prayers in your time of loss.

  2. So sorry for you, that’s really tough love though, remember that without you Nikki would never have lasted this long and is now at peace.
    I do sympathise, life can be so shitty at times.

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