wolves and wilderness

wolves.jpgI finished the Costa Book of the Year Award winner, The Tenderness of Wolves last night . It reminded me a little of Cold Mountain, a wilderness adventure filled with interesting characters and rugged landscapes. British author Stef Penny’s fiction debut is written with confidence as she deftly weaves together a story of love and suspense set in the late 1800’s in Northern Canada. When voyageur Laurent Jammet is found brutally murdered in his cabin we embark on a tale of pursuit. Pursuit of a murderer, of love, of loyalty, of simple respite from the harsh realities of winter in the frozen tundra of the Canadian Frontier. The writing is clean and crisp, and although I did find myself getting confused occasionally as the plot line and characters shifted (this may have been due to my attention span and the plot line of my own life which is rather complicated right now), I’m putting it on my Good Reads list for this summer.

1 thought on “wolves and wilderness

  1. I read this book recently and really enjoyed it.
    I loved her mix of characters and the fact that nobody was squeaky clean, they all had their quirks and secrets.
    It also highlighted for me the total isolation people had to survived in back then. Even though I hate being contactable 24/7, thank techno for mobile phones:)

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