final birdy update:(

Well, Larry and Curly are gone, poor little Moe is still in the nest as I write this but seems to be thinking about leaving. Mom and dad fluttered around and hollared at them all morning to get the kids to go. I’ll miss them, but now I can toss out the wreath and hang my summer wreaths. How fun it was to be able to watch them up close and personal this spring. Look back at my May 8th post and compare it to today’s final pics to see how quickly they went from fragile, bald little guys to fine feathered teens….just checked, we now have an empty nest!

7 thoughts on “final birdy update:(

  1. they are ready to take off! My birds nest got wet and it moved down in the hedge, toppled and we lost the one egg that was in it. Glad that yours made it!

  2. Oh you lucky thing, they’re gorgeous. Unfourtunitely my baby birds died of exposure, momma disappeared leaving a cloud of feathers behind so I suspect the worst.

  3. Oh that’s so sad Janie. I was actually afraid of something like that happening to our babies too, mother nature can be so cruel, but we lucked out and 3 of the 4 eggs made it!

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