california dreamin’

We’re back! We had a great time (except for the food poisoning). Here’s a few pics from the road…


On the beach near my sister’s house in Carlsbad. Brrrr, it was colder in California that day than it was back in Michigan!


My nephew Robert and my “niece”, Lola.


We rented a cute little Nissan 350Z. Now I know why old people drive around in big boats (and I also know that I am now officially an old person, on the next road trip me and Mr. bookbabie plan to find the biggest, softest ride available!).


Lovely Morro Bay…ahhh, peace, peace, peace.


Highway 1 in CA. Don’t look down.


I was hoping to run into Clint while in Carmel, didn’t happen:-( But I did manage to make one new friend while I was there.


Wine Country, or should I say whine country as Mr. bookbabie tasted very little vino due to the lingering effects of some nasty lobster salad. Cheers!

THE bridge.


A room with a view.

We lucked out and got bumped up to a sweet suite at the Argonaut in San Francisco at Fisherman’s Wharf. Great location and most excellent view of the bay and Alcatraz Island. If you have to feel lousy in San Francisco you might as well do it in a huge two room suite. Mr. bookbabie loved the nautical decorating so much that I’m worried that my walls here at home will soon be painted navy blue with gold stripes and covered with giant mirrors shaped like ship portholes. All in all it was a good trip, we visited with family and saw some beautiful scenery, but the truth is we couldn’t agree more with Dorothy, in the end…there’s just no place like home.

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  1. What awesome pictures. I really love the bridge. That thing is beautiful. I love designs of its era. Cooler than the Eiffel tower and much prettier..

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