family portrait


After feeling a little burned out from the busy holidays I decided to try my hand at a the fun, no stress art form of collage. I scanned photos of my family from a favorite trip we took to Lake Michigan about fifteen years ago and glued them onto a background I painted and layered with torn paper and a map of the area we visited. I made our clothes with material leftover from all the sewing projects I never got around to and, ta da, a family portrait like no other (Mr. bookbabie insists I write that his legs are not nearly so chicken-like). There a lots of sites online to get inspiration from, and the Collage Artists of America has lists of artists and their galleries.

Rosie and Claudine Hellmuth are also websites of collage artists that got me motivated to make stuff again. Thanks girls! Next up, a collage of me and George on the red carpet at the Oscars, hmmm, what should I wear?

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  1. We were in Michigan, in the Traverse City area. We’ve taken lot of vacations along the Michigan side of Lake Michigan, love it! Are you in WI?

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