down on the bayou

But the man who caught my eye was the short one. He seemed wrapped too tight for his own body, the same way a meth addict seems to boil in his own juices. His mouth was like a horizontal keyhole, the corner of his lip exposing his teeth, as though he were starting to grin. He listened intently to every word in the conversation, waiting for the green light to flash, his eyes flickering with anticipation.”

Detective Dave Robicheaux is at it again in James Lee Burke’s fifteenth installment of the Robicheaux series, Pegasus Descending. My mom Carol, a crime fiction fiend, is burning through all fifteen books right now and is my “guest” reviewer and book suggester today. She loves books that take her someplace else, in this case, into the southern
Louisiana culture of the Cajun French people via the flawed but fundamentally ethical character, Detective Robicheaux. Burke, two time winner of the Edgar Award, continues the saga of Robicheaux in his latest novel, an “unforgettable roller coaster of passion, surprise, and regret.”

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