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Teaser Tuesday asks you to : Grab your current read, Open to a random page, Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page. I’m reading The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer. I don’t read a lot of mysteries or thrillers but sometimes I think it’s good to step out of your reading comfort zone and shake things up a bit. I’m really enjoying the read and when I went to his website I also enjoyed his snarky sense of humor! He has fake movie trailers and in one video he’s got family members reading some crummy reviews of the book. It’s totally hilarious, you gotta love a guy who can laugh at the critics! And if those are real reviews I certainly don’t agree with them. I plan to read more of his books, he’s an interesting guy and a good writer.

My teaser sentences are from page 44 where he writes, It’s so damn easy to judge. But Paulo knows from his niece, no matter how much you want someone back in your life, sometimes it’s the letting-them-back-in part that hurts the most. I reread that second sentence several times. It struck me how true it was, and not just about letting people back in, but about letting anything back into your life that you associate with heartache. Years ago, I had to stop painting because I was very ill. When I finally regained my health I didn’t go back into the spare bedroom where my easel was set up for many months. I thought it was because I was afraid I wouldn’t remember how to paint, that I may have lost the ability to be creative after going through so much physical and emotional hurt.

One afternoon, I finally got up the nerve to venture into my little studio. I opened a can of turpentine and squeezed a selection of oil colors onto my palette. Facing a blank white canvas, I breathed in the scent of my paints, dipped my paintbrush into a swirl of cadmium red, and promptly burst into gut wrenching sobs. It was at that moment that I realized it wasn’t the fear of not being able to paint that had kept me away from my art, it was the fear of losing it all over again if my health problems returned. I had grieved long and hard after first losing that part of me, did I really want to let it back in? So I agree with Mr. Meltzer, that simple little sentence says a whole lot about human nature and I imagine most of us can relate to in one way or another.

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  1. My sentence didn’t come from a book but from another blog. Here is the sentence: “Ultimately, there’s nothing to forgive, because there’s nothing to judge and no one to blame.”

    Well—I took issue with that statement –because we are human and we don’t live in a perfect world. (Wish we did.) However, I wrote back to that blogger and said that I think that forgiveness is there for SELF. When we forgive, we are not admitting that the other person or persons were correct in what they said or did. We are forgiving so that WE can move on with our lives, instead of harboring that feeling and letting IT control us. Forgiveness is important –and I think that when hurt happens, we DO need to forgive —to be able to move on.

    My thoughts for today!!!

    • Excellent point about forgiveness Betsy. So often people are not in the market for our forgiveness, but we need to give it to escape our own grief or disappointment or whatever other hurts we are feeling.

  2. this was not the typical tuesday teaser post I read each week. Thanks for sharing your heart. A good book does that, it touches our hearts. I’m glad you are able to paint again.

  3. I think that teaser is very true. It is very hard to forgive and forget. Most people just can’t.

    I’m glad you were able to embrace your painting again. Losing something once is enough. The second time…let’s not go there. Glad everything worked out.
    Here’s my teaser

  4. Bookbabie, wonderful post and what insight! I can so feel for you! It’s a terrible thing to lose part of ourselves and a bit scary to rediscover it! I have spent so much time blogging lately I haven’t done much painting myself, but then I decided I would “Just do It” and I made all those Halloween cards. I had no idea it would take me so long or be so much fun, espcially when I shared them on my blog. Welcome back to creativity! I hope you keep on blogging and painting and I hope I do too!

  5. That was a really good teaser and I also love that 2nd sentence. It can apply to so many different things in one’s life. You gave a great example and I hope you were able to return to your artwork. I can only imagine how hard that must have been for you.

  6. that’s beautiful.
    i also agree with Tenessee that forgiveness is for our own self, its what we choose not to carry around with in us…

    lighten the inner load.

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