sweet somethings

I didn’t sleep well Monday night. I tossed and turned and at one point toward morning I found myself dreaming. In the dream, a dark-haired little boy who was no more than six or seven years old, was standing next to me. He seemed very kind and much older than he looked and he spoke with a slight, sing-song Indian accent. “If there was only one thing I could give you right now, what would it be?” he asked. My mind started reeling, one thing, only one wish and I had to come up with it right then. I thought it was impossible to answer such a big question without having more time to think about it! But I was wrong, because at that moment the answer came to me and I said, “Peace of mind.” The little boy reached out without speaking and touched me gently. I closed my eyes and went into a pleasant meditative state, my mind was quiet, and yes, at peace. I haven’t meditated in a long time, even though I’ve been thinking I need to start again. So here I am, where we all find ourselves so often, wondering…was it just a dream, or was the universe whispering sweet somethings in my ear?

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  1. A peaceful picture and a lovely dream. Sounds like a great way to begin meditating. Will have to try it. Have a wonderful Wordless Wednesday!

  2. Quite interesting. I’ve had certain similar experiences of when I had been able to find answers to a few questions and I found the answers hidden in dreams. Our subconscious has a lot of wisdom, sometimes we aren’t even aware of the riches hidden away in our subconscious and that’s how they give us a sign, an answer. Many might call this a signal from God or a guardian angel, truth is, no matter what you call it, it is still the same; an indication and an answer to a question that the soul might be searching for. Good luck with your meditation!

  3. You’ve had so many dreams lately. All very meaningful and powerful. I’m not sure about the whispering but someone is definitely trying to get through to you.

  4. If you are not sleeping, Lilli, you do need “peace of mind”… Interesting about that dream.. Maybe there is more truth there than you realize…. Hmmmmmmm–interesting post!

    I seldom remember dreams… Wish I could!!!!


  5. I recently started meditating again, shortly after my mother’s death. Someone left a (metta) meditation on my blog while Mom was in hospice, dying, and it brought me a few moments of peace at a time when it didn’t seem possible to feel at peace.

    Wonderful photo.

  6. Awesome photo…. I love the perspective. I’m going to start meditating again to quiet the world within. A lovely dream to show you are loved and cared for.

  7. Funny, isn’t it, how wise children are. Even the ones in our dreams.

    I think we all have these wise souls within. And perhaps dreaming about them is the best way to listen to them.

  8. The photo is lovely ~ and the choice of “Peace of mind” is very wise.
    For years and years when people asked me what I wanted for my future I gave them that very answer ~ and thankfully, one day when I least expected it, I achieved it.

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