18 thoughts on “brooklyn noelle

  1. Oh Lilli, I almost cried… She’s gorgeous —and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her name.

    Congrats Granny!!!!!! Now—be sure and read the book about Granny’s main job–which is to SPOIL the grands and then send them home to Mom/Dad….


    • I use the curly pudding for twist outs and I don’t have to put anntyihg else on with it. It pretty heavy. You just have to play around with them to find out how to use them. I use products that work period. As long as there aren’t any really harsh chemicals.Don;t listen to the hype, do what works for ur hair. I’ve had great results with MJ’s and I will continue to use them. I bought mine from curl mart. They have free shipping for a $60 purchase and still bogo.

  2. Oh my! She is so beautiful and what a wonderful name. Huge congratulations to you all and welcome to the World sweet little Brooklyn Noelle. She is gorgeous and cute. I love the photo to ~ you’ve captured her newborn perfection.

  3. YAY!! I love her name too. Such a doll.

    BTW.. I think every hospital on the planet has those receiving blankets. LOL. I have two of them myself (that I snagged from the hospital…shhh).

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