censored saturday

Mr. bookbabie came home Wednesday and asked me if I wanted to go with him to Tonawanda, New York, he needed to make a last minute visit to an account he has there. As you may have guessed by the photos, Tonawanda borders the Niagara River and Niagara Falls. I decided to go, mostly because I liked the idea of running away from home for a few days. We thought that we might stop in Toronto for one night too, driving from Detroit it’s about two hours shorter if you cut through Canada, so we grabbed our passports and took off…

*** I decided the remainder of this post sounded too whiny so I censored myself and just put up more pics instead:)

12 thoughts on “censored saturday

  1. I read the original on my reader before you censored it. It was whiny, but I would have felt the same way. Sometimes whiny can be very easy for others to relate to and therefore just what they are looking for. I routinely leave my cell phone in the car, or some other place where I can’t hear it. I always get the missed call messages and I don’t think any of them has ever been about something that couldn’t wait for a little while. Having a little emotional meltdown now and again can be very refreshing. Hope you had a great time. Pappy

  2. Nice photos. I haven’t made the trip to Niagara Falls yet even though we’ve driven by it numerous times on our way to Ohio. I’m waiting for visitors who want to see it too.

    I was glad to hear you say going through Canada cut some time on the trip…we’re planning a visit to family in Michigan & plan to drive the Canadian route. Any suggestions on good rest stops along the way?

  3. We had an OK time Debi, we just found the old saying, “You can run but you can’t hide” thing to hold true as it always seems to do for us. You know that feeling when you are just weary and you need a break, lately there seems to be no break even when we try to getaway. Okay, here I go again…Anyhoo, Patti, there are a few nice rest stops in Ontario, they are well marked, have lots of food, and clean facilities. BTW everyone, Niagara Falls is lovely and worth the trip, and if you do visit, go on The Maid of the Mist, the boat you see in the one pic. You really get the best feeling of the power and beauty of the falls from that viewpoint, very cool.

  4. Great pictures!
    I haven’t been to the falls in many years.
    Robert would love to see them and take the boat ride. We’ll have to plan it sometime.

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