8 thoughts on “i’m just saying

  1. O.K. I can do a comment even though I never understand how to do those computerized drawings. They always look like a two year old is holding the pen. I just have to do pencil and paper and scan the results. Then you can print out the individual sheets and flip then to see the action – yeah right.

  2. love the way his chin goes downward
    as if emphasizing the point.
    do you think we trust images
    more than words now? Blogs
    make me wonder this.

  3. Mine is pretty primitive too Dennis, the website makes it a little easier because it shows you in faint lines your previous drawing. I only did 20 frames so it didn’t take too long. We probably do trust images more mansue, I think maybe I do.

  4. Hey, that looks like my boyfriend when he’s talking about sports, I can see his mouth moving but I don’t hear a word he’s saying!

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