pollock self-portrait

I did this self-portrait on a website that lets you paint in the style of Jackson Pollock. That’s me in the morning before my coffee. A couple of hints if you want to try it out. It’s a very simple program, clicking the left mouse button changes the colors, press the Space key to erase and start over, if you get something you like hit the Print Screen (Capture) key on your keyboard, that copies the screen to your clipboard. Go into your photo program and open a new image under File the same size as the image on the clipboard, paste and crop. Easy squeezey.

We work in the dark, We do what we can, We give what we have, Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task, The rest is the madness of art. ~Henry James

10 thoughts on “pollock self-portrait

  1. Very cool. I’ve never been able to come up with anything more than blobs and drippy lines at that website.

  2. hmmmmm. Easy squeezy? Nothing that has to be copied to a clipboard and sized etc. etc. etc. can be deemed easy. I think taking a picture of yourself before coffee using a mirror and downloading it might be easier. Mine would be pretty much the same as it is later in the day after coffee – now that’s frightening.

  3. I like this turned out. Splats make te coolest design elements. I really dig the right eye. Both of my eyes are that red all the time.

  4. That was a fun site, thanks! However all I was able to get was blobs and lines.

    I hope everyone is well.

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