sunday smiles

Time to lighten things up around here and what better way to do that than with another joy filled laughing baby video. Come September I may be posting a baby video of my very own as my son and his wife are expecting their first child. We are thrilled, grateful, and just plain happy about the prospect of becoming grandparents. The baby is due the week before my 49th birthday and I’m thinking that this is one birthday gift Mr. bookbabie will never be able to top!

When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. ~James Barrie

6 thoughts on “sunday smiles

  1. That’s a beautiful quote! I hope you don’t mind I borrow it and put it in my blog…

    Congratulations for the new baby.

  2. This is a PERFECT POST.

    Perfect chuckling baby – I’m chuckling.
    Perfect news – congratulations on happy news. (wish it were my news…:-) )
    Perfect quote – I use it in blank baby cards with baby presents. I’ve always loved it.

  3. Hi Mr. and Mrs. bookbabie, I’m still chuckling myself. Barb and I have two fairly new little ones in our lives and I let them blog on January 20, 2008 “Aaron”, and Feb. 25, 2008 “Ava”. You might enjoy their posts.

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