wacom portrait

I’ve been playing with my new Wacom pen and tablet. I took a photo of my daughter Lizzi and “painted” over it in Corel Painter. Fastest portrait I ever painted! There’s no substitute for the real thing, the smell of the paint and the way it feels in the brush, but I have to admit, this was pretty fun and there’s no clean up! If you click on the image you can view a close-up of the piece and see the brush strokes. There’s so much to learn that it’s a little overwhemling, maybe I should take a class?

4 thoughts on “wacom portrait

  1. Beautiful! Looks like you have a pretty good handle on the program without taking any classes. I especially like the strong focal point of her blue eyes in contrast to the softness of the lighting surrounding her hair. I’m drawn right in. Great work!

  2. She is truly lovely….I enlarged the ohoto as you suggest and the brush strokes are so real looking.

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